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Unit Manager

National HealthCare Associates | United States,

National HealthCare Associates
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Unit Manager, RN


* Responsible for the general overseeing of the nursing unit's operations and management, including providing optimal care, communicating the facility's policies and ensuring the general order.
* Follows all health, sanitary and infection control policies and maintains established standards of practice set forth by the facility's administration and nursing policies and procedures.


* Verifies that the resident's physician and family are notified when there is a significant clinical development in the resident's condition or if the resident requires immediate medical care.
* Responsible for yearly written evaluations of all unit personnel and accurately documents their strengths, weaknesses and the steps taken to improve their performance. Such evaluations become part of the employee's permanent records and shall be used as the basis for determining continued employment and promotional opportunities.
* Assumes independent responsibilities for documenting disciplinary concerns for unit staff, including reprimands, oral and written warnings and recommending the suspension or discharge of an employee.
* Directs proper handling of resident care emergencies, as well as monitoring glucometer and emergency sign off sheets.
* Makes unit rounds and communicates with unit staff concerning new admissions and acutely/seriously ill residents.
* Monitors appointments/consults and checks daily census and acuity.
* Ensures availability of supplies and ensures that all equipment is in proper working order.
* Assumes responsibility for receipt of all narcotic deliveries. Reports any missing narcotics and/or discrepancies in narcotics to ADNS. Performs narcotic rounds bi-monthly.
* Responsible for removal of any medications from the emergency drug box. Provides for replacement according to facility policy.
* Ensures the proper completion of accident/incident documentation and notification to DNS. Performs safety rounds every day.
* Attends Resident Care Conferences for unit residents.
* Reports changes in condition and weight to Resident Care Coordinator and Dietician, as well as monitoring daily I&O.
* Responsible 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for all residents and staff on assigned unit.
* Coordinates and/or completes required paperwork for the care planning process including MDS, RAPS, RAP modules, interims, new admits/annuals, etc. (Sections may be delegated to licensed nursing members as appropriate. However, the unit manager will be ultimately responsible for timely completion and accuracy).
* Monitors once a month matrices and quarterly completion of MDS.
* Effectuates management systems on unit to carry forward the care plan into daily operations.
* Responsible for assigning the duties and responsibilities for all shifts.
* Participates in developing quality assurance and CQI approaches to care delivery and assists in ongoing quality assurance of resident care documentation.
* Responsible for ensuring staff attendance at all mandatory in-services and for providing ongoing training as needed.
* Must comply with infection control principles on the unit and for follow up of infection control issues on the unit as identified by the infection control nurse.
* Makes decisions concerning unit staffing, which includes replacing call-outs and reassigning personnel when appropriate.
Performs pharmacy rounds every month, in addition to rounds with MDs.
* Ensures yearly follow up by psychiatrist.
Processes PT, OT and ST requests.
* Follows all Restraint Reduction protocols.
* Assures completion of W-10s.
* Responsible for change of shift reports and supervisors reports.
* Forwards discontinued narcotics to ADNS.
Assumes other duties as assigned by the DNS/ADNS.
* Maintains a professional appearance and mannerisms according to established facility standards.
* Attends weekly rehabilitation meetings.
Assists with planning and educational needs of specialty units.


* Ability to read, write and comprehend English and to follow oral and written instructions.
* Interest in the needs of the aged and the chronically ill, with the ability to work with all residents' special needs.
* Ability to work hours as scheduled based on the requirements of the position/assignments.
* Registered Nurse licensed in the State of employment.
* Minimum of one year of education or experience in geriatric nursing or rehabilitation preferred.
* Knowledge of nursing theory and practice, including the administration of medications.
* CPR certified.
* On-call as necessary.*

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled
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Posted On: 2017-10-27 06:27:00
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